Meet Brat! Brat is very shy and needs someone willing to take her home and give her time to warm up to them. She is a very sweet cat and deserves a good home. Brat also has allergies, so a diet of sensitive skin/stomach food would suit her best.  The adoption fee for anyone who adopts Brat has already been paid- she was adopted and returned by someone who had children that Brat did not warm up to.  She felt that Brat really was a great cat and needed a good home, so she paid $50 for the next person who adopted her. Brat is spayed, current on all shots, and litter box trained.  If you are able and willing to give Brat the time and space she needs to gain your trust, she would make a great companion for you!

For more info, please contact our shelter at 870-269-5200.
You can also click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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