Charity came to the shelter in the July of 2021 with her kittens. They were all adopted but she is still here. She was adopted to a family home once but brought back because she cried all night long.  Charity would be a good barn cat because she is afraid of people but enjoys being inside when it’s cold.  She likes to lay around and is pretty calm, but she is very shy/timid. If you move too quickly around her, she runs and hides in the rafters. She has recently started coming around and rubbing on our legs and letting us pet her, so she is getting friendlier. She has a beautiful swirl pattern on her fur and her eyes are just gorgeous! Charity is on the smaller side but is fully grown.

If you have any questions or would like to meet Miss Charity,  please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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