Airedale/Coon Hound Mix

Cher, is a Airedale/Coon Hound Mix puppy. She is a little timid and shy around new people. Once she gets to know you she will love you forever. She is great with other dogs too! Cher has quite the personality. Cher was breed to be a hunting dog and knows her job well. She would be a great puppy for any family. Cher is now enrolled in the Paws in Prison Program at the North Central Unit in Calico Rock for 8 weeks of training and TLC. She will learn basic commands, get kennel trained, house trained and will learn some tricks too. While in the program Cher has detected that one of the other trainers in her barracks was going to have a seizure. She would make a great Service Dog with the proper training. If you would like to arrange a visit to NCU to meet Cher, please call Stone County Humane Society at 870-269-5200. Cher would make a great addition to any home.


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