SarplaninacSarplaninacGypsy is a Sarplaninac Shepherd, a breed new to us. If the person surrendering her didn’t tell us what breed she was, we would have guessed Great Pyrenees/Shepherd Mix. Gypsy was surrendered by the people who raised her because she killed some livestock. It was a one time thing while a storm was happening so it might have just been a freak accident, but they felt they could not trust her around their livestock anymore. She would not be good with chickens or ducks either.  Gypsy is a very protective breed and is trained to be a guard dog to keep coyotes away.  She is good with other dogs, kids, and cats too.  She has been outside most of her life and loves the water.  She loves your attention and to put her head in your lap.  She has a very laid back personality and is a gentle giant.

If you have any questions or would like to meet Gypsy,  please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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