Paws in PrisonPIPItsy is such a character. She is terrified of some people but does great with others. She is also skittish in loud and crowded situations. We cannot figure out what her triggers are. Her fear appears to be random, so she may take a few visits or just patience in your home before she is comfortable with you. Itsy loves other dogs and does not do well being the only dog. She did come here with her sister Iris at 8 weeks old and has never been alone. Itsy was adopted to a home where she was the only dog and she just shutdown. The woman had her friend bring her dog over for a playdate and Itsy loved it! But as soon as they left, she went back to hiding. So a home with at least one other dog is required. Itsy loves to play in water and to dig. She doesn’t try to dig out of the yard, but she does dig holes- she always has dirt on her nose! This sweetheart is currently 9 months old and weighs 52lbs. She will probably be around 55-60lbs fully grown

UPDATE:  Itsy just graduated from the Paws in Prison Program at the NCU in Calico Rock where she received 8 weeks of obedience training. She is now crate trained, housetrained and leash trained too.

If you have any questions or would like to meet Itsy, please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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