CatahoulaCatahoula MixLola was with the same family since a puppy but they did not have the space or time for her. She is now 1 year old and weighs 60 pounds. She really needs a yard or acreage to run around in and a family or owner to give her lots of love.  Lola does well with kids of all ages and loves receiving attention. She does well with other dogs once she is familiar with them. With some dogs, however, she takes a little more time to get used to. Lola is a little cautious of new people as well and often barks at them, which tends to scare some people. She is not aggressive, however, just cautious. After she gets to know you, she gets very attached and shows nothing but love. Lola loves the staff at the shelter and often gives kisses. Lola has not been around cats and she is VERY afraid of water (hose, bathing, etc). She sounds high maintenance but really isn’t. The right home will come along soon…will it be yours?

If you have any questions or would like to meet Miss Lola, please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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