Komondor/Pyrenees Mix

Before Photo

Komondor/Pyrenees Mix

After Photo

Quinn is a 1.5  year old Komondor/Pyrenees mix. Quinn is a big ol’ sweetheart! She is a gentle giant, but she is very calm. I say “giant” because with her fur grown out, she is a lot bigger! Quinn came to us with her fur in awful condition. Naturally, she has thick, long fur. We had to shave her because it was all matted and not taken care of. We have included before and after pictures of her so you know what to expect as her fur grows back. She will require regular grooming. Quinn is a sweet dog needing a great home and she would make a great dog for any family. If you would like to inquire about Quinn, please call Stone County Humane Society at 870-269-5200.

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