Doberman MixDoberman MixWe are still trying to figure Sasha’s personality out. So far, she is extremely sweet but very shy.  She came here with her friend Muffin after their owner died. For 2 months they were pretty much on their own except for the help of  neighbors who occasionally fed them. Sasha has been outside all of her life (she is 1.5 years old) and was not given much attention, which explains why she is timid and cautious around people. At first, she wouldn’t let anyone near her. Now she takes treats and allows some pets. She also wags her tail and gets excited when she sees us coming. Sasha deserves a loving home with a big yard to live and play in. She does very well with other dogs.

If you have any questions or would like to meet Sasha, please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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