Adopt a Pet!

Adopt a Pet

All animals ready for adoption have been spayed/neutered and completely vetted.
The adoption fee is $150 for dogs.
If they are Paws in Prison trained the fee is $200.
Cat adoptions are $75.
We do not accept credit cards at this time, cash or check only.

We do have guidelines for approving adoptions and reserve the right to deny an adoption based on those guidelines.

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If you are interested in adopting an animal:

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Micro-Chip Your Pet!

Microchipping PetsWhen adopting an animal from SCHS we offer micro chipping for an additional $25.
This is an excellent way to be assured that your beloved pet will be returned to you if ever lost. An orange tag for the collar comes with the chip that is inserted on the back of their neck like a shot. It is very tiny and can be detected with a scanner that most vets will have to scan a stray dog when found.


Transporting to Other Shelters

In managing our space issues for dogs, we sometimes get overwhelmed with litters of puppies. SCHS has developed a working relationship with a rescue in Colorado called Animal House Rescue & Grooming in Fort Collins, Colorado. When space is available in foster homes, they will take several dogs or puppies and see that they get adopted to good homes. We transport the animals with the help of volunteers, to Kansas City, MO where they meet a professional animal transport company who takes them on to CO. The process is a very well-oiled machine and has helped us transport many dogs over the past 3 years. This frees up space for our shelter to take more dogs and gets these puppies adopted much sooner being in a large metropolitan area with strict spay neuter laws and shortage of dogs to adopt.

Pet Adoption