Paws in Prison (PIP)

schs Paws in PrisonWe send shelter dogs to the North Central Unit located in Calico Rock, AR to participate in 8 weeks of training. This program is operated by the Arkansas Department of Correction in several prisons throughout the state. A professional trainer works weekly with inmate trainers to teach the dogs basic commands and some tricks. You can see SCHS PIP trained dogs available for adoption on this website. The adoption fee is $150 and you can arrange a visit to the prison to see the dogs by calling the shelter at 870-269-5200.

Click the link for an article about the Paws in Prison program by Julie Kohl who adopted one of our PIP dogs.

Paws for the Cause

Paws for Cause 2019 was cancelled due to wet weather. We were able, however, to still have the "Best Ever Bake Sale" and made $1,500.

We also sold our fundraiser CD's titled "Dusty's Picks" that was made by Matt Anderson of MillSounds Studio. Thanks to Matt and several generous local musicians who donated their talent and time with mostly original songs about beloved, adopted pets. You can still purchase a CD at the Second Chance Shop or at the Shelter for $10.00.

Stone County Humane CD

The event is a fundraiser to support our low cost spay/neuter clinics. Families are encouraged to bring their pets to celebrate and take part in the festivities. This is an opportunity for us to express our thanks to the community for their support. Some festivities include a Bake Sale, Cake Walk, Games and Face Painting for the kids, Bounce House, food, and music by local musicians, contests and prizes for a Cat Photo Contest, and performances by Lee Fairchild with his amazing Disc Dogs!

Paws for the Cause is a community wide annual event to raise funds for the spay/neuter program and to celebrate the bond between people and animals. Families bring their pets and enjoy music, food, bake sale, games and various contests. The event is held on a Saturday in October, weather permitting, at the Centennial Bank Park in Mountain View.




Returning Lost Pets

return pets

We make every effort to return lost animals to their owners. A log is kept of lost pets, pictures are posted on our Facebook page, and a notice is placed in the paper. We encourage owners to keep collars with ID tags on their pets to aid in their safe return.

Spay/Neuter Programs

Spaying and neutering is important because one female and her offspring can produce 128 dogs or more in one year. One female cat and her offspring can produce 420,000 cats in just 7 years.

SCHS offers two different spay/neuter programs for Stone County residents, weekly appointments and clinics once a month. We are able to do this with the help of a local vet who provides the service at a discounted price to SCHS of $70 for dogs and cats. One should call 870-269-5200 to schedule appointments and decide which program to use.

Weekly appointments pricing:

Dogs/Cats-$70 or $50

If one can afford $70 it will help SCHS use funds to subsidize for others who cannot pay this.

Monthly Clinic Pricing:

Saturday clinics are held once a month at Nixon Animal Hospital. The SCHS board approved an additional $10,000 this year to continue monthly low-cost clinics where clients pay only $25 for all animals and SCHS subsidizes for these clients. This program is for individuals who have little or no steady income. It is conducted on the honor system and there is no proof of income required. The program will continue until that funding is exhausted. Call the shelter for dates and appointment times for these clinics.

Partnership with Spay Arkansas

We recently partnered with a wonderful group called Spay Arkansas whose primary purpose is to to reduce the number of unwanted and stray animals entering shelters by offering high quality and affordable spay and neuter services to under-served individuals, shelters, and rescues. We were contacted by Romaine Kobilsek, the President, who offered to come to Mountain View and hold a three day spay/neuter clinic in February for Stone County residents as well as the six surrounding counties. SCHS helped with scheduling 300 animals, providing volunteers, food, supplies, and accommodations for all out of town volunteers and veterinarians who came to help make this event successful. We are thrilled to report that a total of 288 animals were altered by the talented team members; 136 cats and 152 dogs took the no more litter pledge.

In July we held our second clinic for three days. With the help of three veterinarians, three vet techs, and many volunteers there were a total of 310 animals spayed and neutered; 151 cats and 159 dogs.

At our third clinic, held in November, we spayed/neutered 335 animals, bringing the total done in 2019 to 933.

Our first clinic for 2020 was held March 11th, 12th, and 13th. We were able to spay/neuter 366 animals over this 3-day period with the help of many great volunteers, three veterinarians, four vet techs, and five veterinary students from Kansas State. We thank everyone for their contribution of time and talent. We also thank our sponsors who helped pay for this clinic, Fabulous Felines and Boehringer Ingelheim.

For future clinic dates please check back on this website or

Pics of our July Clinic!

Youth Group Volunteers

We welcome numerous youth organizations at the shelter. Some local groups that have participated are:

  • EAST
  • BETA Club
  • 4-H
  • Ozark Mission Project
  • Stone County Youth Leadership