If you wish to make a donation or become a regular monthly donor, please consider supporting our cause in one of the following ways:

  1. Dog BathingMail checks to SCHS 17379 Highway 9, Mountain View, AR 72560
  2. Bring your donation cash or check to the shelter, we do not accept credit cards at this time.
  3. Go to PayPal.com and enter our email address schs@yelcot.net
  4. Go to Pound Wishes where we post requests for special needs.
  5. Choose SCHS as your charity when ordering from Smile.Amazon.com
  6. Request memorials or honorariums be sent to SCHS for loved ones
  7. Remember SCHS when thinking of  estate planning or transferring of stock
  8. Donate items to the Second Chance Shop located at 210 West Main Street, Mountain View, AR and open 10 to 4 Monday thru Saturday.

Thanks for your generous support!