Microchipping PetsOne out of every three pets will become lost at some point in their lives, and pets are more likely to become lost in the summer since they spend more time outside and in unfamiliar areas. Microchip implants can help reunite these lost pets with their owners. Not only are microchips effective, they’re permanent, too. You’ll never have to worry about your pet’s microchip falling off, like you do with a collar.

Once it is placed, the chip transmits radio waves that include a tracking number. When authorities find a microchipped pet, they scan the chip to figure out how to find the pet’s owner. Veterinarians, animal control officers, and animal shelter employees can plug your pet’s microchip ID into the American Animal Hospital Association’s Universal Pet Microchip Lookup, and, from there, they can pull up your contact information and let you know that your pet has been found.

Hudson Road Animal Hospital believes microchipping is the safest, most effective method of pet identification available, as it helps reunite more than 15,000 lost pets with their owners every month.