Bailey is very sweet but also very timid and shy.  When she came to our shelter in September 2020, she was so afraid of people that she couldn’t even walk-we had to carry her from place to place. She has come along way and is learning to trust people. SHE IS NOT AT ALL AGGRESSIVE- just scared.  She LOVES to be around/play with other dogs and go for walks. Bailey needs a special someone who will take her home and give her the time (and space) to learn that she is safe. She would make a great companion for anyone willing to do so. We believe Bailey would do best in a home with other dogs; she feels safe around dogs and feeds off of their trusting energy towards people.

If you would like to give Bailey a chance, please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you to answer any questions and/or arrange a visit.

Fill out adoption application

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