Rottweiler MixBuck has stolen all of our hearts. He always appears to be smiling and literally gives hugs! He wants to be a lap dog, but as you can see, he weighs almost 60lbs, so that doesn’t work very well. He is a huge cuddle bug though. Buck was adopted from the shelter as a puppy and recently returned…his owner said he was protective of him and it was becoming an issue. We were told he became aggressive with their other dog and family members. So far, we have not had any issues with him, but we are taking it slow introducing him to other dogs. He has met one other dog and did not show any aggression, he just wasn’t interested in her. Buck has also never been on a leash before. He was very afraid of them at first, but is now letting us leash him with no problem. We believe Buck will make a great dog for anyone who will smother him with the love he so desperately desires.

If you would like to give these sweetheart a loving home, please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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