Mountain Cur FemaleI’m Emmie! Pls let me introduce myself…(long bio but please read the whole thing)

I consider myself a charmer, but very shy at first. I give my affection only to the most special humans (altho’ I am not so picky about dogs!) I’m an introvert, a homebody, and most comfortable with my dearest humans. I love them SO much that I will come up on my back legs and put my front paws on them; I then stare into their souls with my big, dark, puppy-dog eyes until they give me some lovin’. My ‘staff’ here calls this my ‘signature move’ to get the affection I crave—and it works! I also love my treats but I remember to take them gently. Sometimes I won’t even take a treat unless you give me loveys first (that is usually when I have to use my “signature move”).

If you want to be on my Love List, you can get there by slowly becoming familiar to me. You see, I don’t give my Love freely to everyone, that is what makes it so special when you are chosen by me. I want to know you more, to trust you. No special girl wants to be rushed!  I prefer to meet you at my level (chair or floor) and it might take a few visits– I have my own time table, but once I love you, it is forever.

My Happy List includes booty scratches and going for walks. I enjoy walks on a leash but I do not like to go to places with a lot of people. My Dream Home has a mature human who is also an introvert homebody or just doesn’t have a lot of company.

My Dream Home also has another dog because I’m not confident and I frighten easily, so I need a confident dog buddy in the home so I can relax. I just love dog buddies to play with!
Because I’m afraid of loud noises and fast movements, My Dream Home would also be a quiet home. I prefer to be in a place I feel safe if a visitor I don’t know arrives (like in a bedroom or out in the back yard).

I have been waiting for this special human/family who understands me and can keep me safe by avoiding my Afraid List and focusing on my Happy List. Patience with me will get you the top spot on my Love List.

I hope my Dream Home will offer to foster me or dare I hope, adopt me, soon. 

If you have any questions or would like to meet Miss Emmie, please click the link below to complete an adoption application and we will contact you!

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